Phi Finney McDonald represents those whose personal data has been breached or misused by private or public bodies.

Data protection and privacy is one of the most critical issues facing modern society. Private and public entities collect vast amounts of private information, but do not always take adequate steps to protect that information or use it ethically and transparently. The misuse or breach of personal data can cause tremendous emotional, financial and reputational damage.

Personal data is also very valuable, with many companies profiting from its use in unexpected ways, including by providing it on third parties without transparency or informed consent. There continue to be mass data breaches, including by hackers who sell personal information on the dark web, which could readily have been prevented by taking simple security measures.

Governments, police forces and security firms may abuse their powers when gathering information.

Phi Finney McDonald has an in-house Data Scientist and advanced data analytics platforms.  We provide clients with the skills and expertise to take on complex data protection claims, including group and representative actions, against the toughest opponents.