Phi Finney McDonald data scientist Craig Macaulay has been named an AI Visionary by global legal technology company Relativity. He is one of only three people in Australia, and 19 worldwide, to receive this prestigious accolade.

Craig Macaulay has driven innovation at Phi Finney McDonald and the legal profession, most notably in electronic discovery reviews and contested discovery applications, and his work has allowed the firm to deliver significant time and cost savings to clients, and quicker access to justice.

“What we need more of in AI adoption is confidence, and a desire to pursue these things. Change your mindset and think of how technology can harness the information in your data instead of how it might threaten you,” he said.

Mr Macaulay’s creativity, passion and expertise for AI has transformed Phi Finney McDonald’s document review processes, making the firm unique in the global legal industry. As a result of his work, Phi Finney McDonald is leading the way in the use of AI, while other law firms still rely on traditional methods of document review.

“We are excited to once again spotlight an incredible group of evangelists who are redefining the power of AI, and exemplify the intersection of AI and human intelligence,” said Phil Saunders, Chief Executive Officer at Relativity. “This year’s AI Visionaries embody the trailblazing spirit, tenacity and creativity required to advance a technology that is becoming increasingly commonplace. Today, we honor these innovators and applaud their efforts to uncover novel applications of AI and drive change within their own organizations.”

Relativity’s annual list of AI Visionaries recognises and celebrates early adopters of AI, particularly in areas where managing risk is a top priority and the approach to technology adoption has traditionally been more conservative.