Senior Associate

Cassandra Evans is a skilled plaintiff lawyer who seeks to promote accountability and justice in achieving the best outcomes for clients.

Prior to joining Phi Finney McDonald, Cassandra worked as the Associate to the Hon Justice Keogh at the Supreme Court of Victoria. Here she worked on a number of common law personal injuries and judicial review cases, as well as the criminal prosecutions of coal mine operators in relation to the Hazelwood mine fire of 2014. Before that, Cassandra practiced in employment law, acting for private individuals and union members in upholding their rights against employers. Her experience in bringing numerous individual claims for entitlements, unfair dismissal and adverse action instilled a drive to represent the interests of those who are wronged on a larger scale through class actions litigation.

As a Senior Associate at Phi Finney McDonald, Cassandra brings her litigation skills to assist in the conduct of ongoing matters, as well as investigating new class actions.



LLB and BA (Politics), Monash University

GDLP, College of Law